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Capable Con 2023

The Capable Crew are a bunch of everyday superheroes living with disabilities. The group’s mission is to celebrate the differences in our community and create a safe space to learn, share and promote inclusivity!

Join us on National Accessibility Week every year to celebrate our heros!! Admission to the event will be at no cost to all attendees!

Fun Activities! Learning! Draw Prizes! Inclusion! 

National Accessibility Week 2023

Please join us for National Accessibility Week (NAW), a celebration of inclusivity and empowerment for people of all abilities. Mark your calendars for an incredible lineup of events and activities designed to promote accessibility, awareness, and unity.

Event Day Information

Location : Venture North Parking Lot, 270 George St N Peterborough

Date June 3 2023, Saturday

Time 10 AM to 2 PM

The Council for Persons with Disabilities is undertaking efforts to reach various age groups to advocate and provide advice and information on disability, accessibility, and inclusion.


CPD will illustrate five superhero characters who identify themselves as having a disability. Their disability will be their superpower, and we hope to educate and create awareness through them.

The Capable Crew!

Characters from left to right: Hearing Loss hero, Samantha Aurel, Wheelchair hero, currently unnamed, Vision Loss hero, Traveler and Scout, the Twin Autism heroes, The Power Pals, and Amputee hero, Bionica Bot.
Characters from left to right: Hearing Loss hero, Amanda Auriel, Wheelchair hero, currently unnamed, Vision Loss hero, Traveler and Scout, the Twin Autism heroes, The Power Pals, and Amputee hero, Bionica Bot.
Image of Traveler and Scout

Meet Traveller and Scout

When you see a person with a guide dog, have you ever thought about all the superpowers they need to get through the day? With limited vision, they need to turn to a series of tools and their senses to navigate every step.


Traveler is a composite character created out of the experiences of many Peterborough residents who live with vision loss. This person is just one of the Capable Crew, a series of local superheroes featured during CapableCon (like ComiCon) on Saturday, June 4.


This person teams up with their trusted dog Scout as they face the world with the motto: “Two feet, four paws, and the world ahead of us.”


Like most people, Traveler uses technology to make life easier. That includes a cell phone with voice activated messages and GPS. In addition, watch for the OrCam, a portable, artificial vision device that allows visually impaired people to understand text and identify objects through audio feedback, describing what they are unable to see or themselves.

Traveler’s best ally is Scout, whose intelligence, training and senses help find doorways and avoid tripping over uneven surfaces, like the height difference between the road and a curb.


“My tech helps me find my way, and Scout makes sure we get there safely,” Traveler says. “We walk, we ride, we don’t just stay inside. I see the world differently, but I like the world I see.”


They remind Peterborough residents, if you meet someone with a guide dog, “Don’t talk to the dog, talk to the person.” After all, they can answer any questions and tell you if you can pet the dog.


Also, Scout doesn’t want anyone to distract him when he is working really hard to keep Traveler safe.


In return, Traveler has their pockets full of dog-related items to take care of the canine companion by their side. They need dog treats, poop-scooping bags and a place to keep that


That’s one reason why Traveler carries an over-the-shoulder bag, since their hands are busy with the harness and other tasks.


Scout and Traveler are a finely tuned team who fearlessly get around the city by walking and by bus. They are active in the community and can do anything once they get their minds to it.

Meet Amanda Auriel

Riding her skateboard through the sounds of the city

If you are somewhere loud, you likely struggle to make out the words of people around you. Now, imagine living like that every day.


Amanda Auriel represents thousands of Peterborough residents who face – and overcome — this challenge. She is a composite character created to reflect the experiences of those who live with hearing loss. She is just one member of the Capable Crew, a series of local superheroes featured during CapableCon (like ComiCon) on Saturday, June 4.


Amanda rarely slows down to worry about how she hears as she travels around on her skateboard.


“You’d be surprised by the sounds you can see,” she says. She stays alert to alert to traffic and people moving around her with her eyes. “My world is quieter than yours and I like it.”

Image of Amanda Auriel

Amanda uses additional visual cues to communicate as well. In addition to American Sign Language, she reads body signals and lips to capture the words that don’t make it inside her ears.

“Emote more,” she advises anyone who wants to get their message across to someone with hearing loss. “Seeing your emotions helps me contextualize your words.”

She also reminds people that yelling doesn’t help. Instead, enunciate your words more clearly so they are better understood. Some people are not aware how much they mumble or speak too quickly, even for people with perfect hearing to get the full message.

“I value what you are saying so I may ask you to repeat yourself,” Amanda says. “I can’t always hear you, but I’m still a great listener. Seeing you speak helps me to understand your message.” 

Like most people, Amanda relies on technology to tune in and talk to other people. She would prefer to receive and read text messages or emails compared to phone calls. While electronic devices have sound alerts, she counts on the buzzing of her smartphone to know when to pick it up.

“Good vibrations mean a haptic notification,” she says, referring to the vibration alerts targeted at her wrist and arm. That’s how she stays in touch!

Image of Power Pals - Jamie and Jordan

Meet The Power Pals

These Power Pals have many superpowers! Introducing Capable Crew members Jamie and Jordan, also known as the Power Pals!


These twins are on the autism spectrum but they experience the world in their own ways. They often move through social spaces at times unnoticed, although they always look out for each other. Having a close friend or ally at their side helps them to overcome their fears. The puzzle pieces on their outfits reflect their extreme intelligence and need to have things neatly fitting in order. They are strong and vibrant people with much to offer their community. “I CAN do anything! Just ask me!” Jamie says. “Really, the sky’s the limit,” Jordan adds to remind people not to underestimate them.


They share many superpowers: hyperfocus, unconventional outlooks, pattern recognition, great memory, and recall. However, at times they struggle with the randomness of daily life since they like the order created by rules.

Meet Bionica Bot

She tumbles and recovers every time!

At first glance, you may notice what Bionica Bot doesn’t have: part of an arm and part of a leg. However, don’t underestimate what she does possess: the determination that pushes her to be active despite these limb differences.

Every amputee is a person first, with unique personalities and preferences, she reminds us. As an amputee, Bionica has to adapt every day, drawing on her determination, perseverance and resilience since it usually takes much longer and more effort to accomplish the same task a person with all limbs could do.

“I wish more people would focus on what we CAN do, not what we CANNOT do,” Bionica says. “If you can think it, you can do it.”

While she welcomes questions about why she has prosthetics, she knows others don’t want to talk about it every time they meet someone new. Some people are born without a full limb so they have grown up only knowing how to function with the extremities they have. Of course, others have lost an appendage in an accident, which they may not wish to discuss over and over again.

Image of Bionica Bot

In short, treat Bionica like anyone else. Ask her about her hobbies (yes, she loves to talk about gymnastics) and her fashion choices. She loves to engage people in conversations to learn about their interests too.

Image of Cruze

Meet Cruze

A Name to Match His Sense of Adventure

Once Cruze had his wheels, nothing could hold him back. He finds his way around stores, streets and even parks, thanks to the design of his trusty chair. He retains his sense of fun, sometimes surprising people by saying, “The world is my playground. Want to race?” Never mind that he doesn’t use his legs to travel. The rugged wheels on his chair can ride over almost every challenge. The pivoting wheel at the front helps him turn on a dime when he hears a friend call his name. However, he wants people to know his chair is a tool, not his identity. Too often, people look past the person and underestimate what he thinks and what he can do.  “I am not my disability,” he reminds them. “It is only a part of me.” Cruze has learned how to adapt and to solve problems that might baffle others who are new to his way of traveling. As a result, never assume that he needs a push or other help unless he asks for it. Also, please don’t lean on his chair since he could jump into action at any moment.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover. I am more capable than you think,” he says.  “Obstacles are there to be overcome. Even though I travel in my chair every day, don’t assume I need help with obstacles.”

However, he does welcome valid questions about how he takes on daily tasks, as long as they come to him in an open-minded way.


“Inclusion is about communication,” he says. “Accessibility is for everyone. I can do anything you can do, and sometimes better.” 


Watch for him zipping around, proclaiming, “I have a need for adventure, and nothing will hold me back!” 

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