Hiring: Communication and Administration Coordinator (part-time position)

This is a new part-time position created within an organization that is embarking on an exciting phase of new growth!  CPD is looking for a self-motivated and creative individual to fulfill the role of part-time Communications Coordinator. Job Title: Communications Coordinator Job Type: Part-time 10hrs/week, 1 year contract; Location: Peterborough, ON. Closing date: December 20,2017… Continue Reading Hiring: Communication and Administration Coordinator (part-time position)

Peterborough Council For Persons With Disabilities (CPD)

The Council for Persons with Disabilities (CPD) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all persons with disabilities by promoting equal opportunity, in all aspects of life; to promote education and awareness of the needs of persons with disabilities and to encourage improved services to allow persons with disabilities to lead full and productive lives.

Facts on Disability

Photo of a man playing sledge hockey; a sport designed to allow persons with a physical disability to play the sport of ice hockey.More than 3.6 million Canadians have one or more disabilities. That translates into 1 in every 8 Canadians. Statistics Canada defines disability as “persons with disabilities are those who have a physical, mental or health condition that reduces the kind or amount of activities they can do.”

Disabilities can range from sight, hearing, mobility, intellectual, mental health, and “invisible” disabilities such as heart and pulmonary conditions.

There are more people with disabilities living at home than there were 20 years ago, when many people with disabilities were “institutionalized”.

As our population ages and the number of people with disabilities increases, we need to look at ways to make our communities universally accessible.