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Camp Kawartha wins 2018 Accessibility Champion Award!

Camp Kawartha was awarded the National Accessibility Champion Award in its efforts of going above and beyond for accessibility and inclusivity on Friday, June 1, 2018, at the Closing Ceremony of National Accessibility Week at Venture North, Peterborough.

Camp Kawartha has been innovative and inclusive for their business and operational philosophy namely, full inclusivity for children and adults of all abilities. The recent developments include an accessible cabin cluster comprising a large accessible deck for group activities, plus accessible sleeping quarters with power entry doors and accessible washrooms and showers.

Included in new developments is their climbing wall.  This accessible wall is unique to the region, and special rigging allows those in wheelchairs or with prosthetics to engage in climbing safely with their peers.  They added an accessible pathway to ensure every camper or student who wants to participate in waterfront activities can do so despite a steep incline down to the waterfront camp.

Camp Kawartha Jacob Rodenburg  stated, When we look at people sometimes all we notice is that they are different.  We tend to focus on what they can’t do, instead of what they can do…

Being different shouldn’t mean that you aren’t valued.  Everyone has potential and everyone has a gift to share.  Camp is a wonderful place that allows all kinds of gifts to flourish.  We appreciate this honour and we will do our utmost to continue to move towards accessibility and inclusiveness in all that we do”.

Honourable Mention: Workforce Development Board

Scott Howard, Community Development & Communications Coordinator, accepted the National Accessibility Honorable Mention Award on behalf of Workplace Development Board at the Closing Ceremony held at Venture North on June 1, 2018.

Workforce Development Board was awarded for the development of a guide “Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers” that aims to help persons with disabilities achieve their full employment potential and provide a resource for business owners interested in making their operation more inclusive.

Honourable Mention: Peterborough Axe Club
Carlo Raponi, of the Peterborough Axe Club, received an Honourable Mention for making the sport of axe throwing accessible to persons with disabilities.
The Peterborough Axe Club train staff in the various techniques to enable persons with a disability to successfully throw axes and participate with their family and friends in this fast growing and popular sport. 

The Peterborough Axe Club has created an instructional video to teach staff how to coach persons with disabilities. This video is intended for the Peterborough Axe Club, and distribution among clubs of the National Axe Throwing Federation. This was done as a collaboration between Peterborough Axe Club and the Council for Persons with Disabilities featuring Gerry Little, Dan Flint, Carl Bax and Lynda Todd.


2017 Accessibility Champion Award

And the 2017 Winners are …

Activity Haven Senior Centre

  • Accepting award: Heather Leveck, Interim ED.
  • *Received 5 nominations
  • Who/what they are: Activity Haven is a Seniors Recreation Centre that welcomes all people who are 50 and better. It was founded in 1975 by some sixty retirees and operated in co-operation with the City of Peterborough Recreation Division and the Ministry of Community Services. Our membership has grown steadily over the past 41 years to approximately 1,300 members in 2016.
  • Selection committee rationale: Programs at Activity Haven serve a diverse range of abilities and nourish both the body and mind. Programs, and opportunities to volunteer, have a tremendous impact on the clients providing opportunities for social interaction, increasing fitness, sharing meals, going on outings, musical enrichment and giving back to the organization.   

Kawartha Participation Project (KPP)

  • Accepting award: Carol Gordon, CEO
  • Who/what they are: KPP provides self-directed support and affordable housing for people with diverse needs so they can live independently in their homes and achieve their goals. KPP specializes in the activities of daily living for people with physical disabilities living in the Peterborough area.
  • Selection committee rationale: KPP has a long-standing commitment with 37 years of service (25th anniversary of the Towerhill Village non-profit homes), and is a role model for building community, ensuring the expertise of people with disabilities is present during consultations, committee and governance work.

  Saugeen Shafts

  • Accepting Award: Bill Embury, Owner/operator
  • Who/what they are: Saugeen Shafts is an archery supply and shooting range located in Peterborough that has been dedicated to finding ways to ensure that anyone, regardless of ability, can participate in this great sport.
  • Selection committee rationale: Creative approach to broaden participation by utilizing ‘lived experience’ expertise.  Example: for individuals with low/no vision, Saugeen Shafts consulted with individuals with low/no vision then fabricated 3 metal guides that allow for a reference point for positioning the arrows. 

    Peterborough Communication Support Services (PCCS)

  • Accepting award: Andrea Pringle, ED and Ben Balkwill, client
  • Who/what they are: PCCS is one of the few organizations in Canada that offer broad supports to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals who also live with a developmental disability.
  • Selection Committee rationale: PCCS serve a unique and under-served client base, and they do so with a commitment to a wide scope of services including social, recreation, housing and employment. They understand the importance of communication and community involvement in a person’s life and empower individuals to find their voice, in whatever form that looks like.


Access ON info graphic on the benefits of accessible businesses.
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Gordon & Arbie Holnbeck Award – 2017 Nominations open.

The Gordon and Arbie Holnbeck Award and the Holnbeck Appreciation Award are presented annually in recognition of an individual or individuals who, through their volunteer work, have enhanced the quality of life for persons with disabilities in Peterborough City and County area.

To nominate someone for this award please download the nomination form here Holnbeck Award Call for Nominations Form 2017 – Fillable-1 and return to the City of Peterborough.