Time In My Shoes

Woman with cane being helped

The Time in My Shoes (TIMS) program is a hands-on experiential learning program designed to educate around issues of accessibility and inclusion. Led by volunteers with lived experience, the platform helps to demystify disability and make positive changes by allowing people to experience first-hand the daily challenges many face through realistic simulations. It is broken into four distinct and valuable modules, focusing on mobility, vision, hearing and inclusion. This interactive learning opportunity will help stimulate meaningful discussions and highlight the importance of a barrier-free, accessible community for all.

We offer TIMS to a variety of institutions, including:

  • Public Schools for students grades four to eight.
  • High Schools
  • Post-secondary institutions.
  • Local businesses & organizations


We are currently exploring alternative ways to present TIMS while maintaining a first-person perspective. Stay tuned for new information about this exciting opportunity.

Woman trying a wheelchair

Program Costs for Business

Package 1

$350 (up to 10 participants & 2 facilitators)

Package 2

$675 (up to 20 participants & 4 facilitators)

Package 3

$1250 (up to 40 participants & 8 facilitators)

Program Costs for Elementary

TiMS for Elementary


TIMS Program Tickets

The tickets can also be accessed here


“An incredible experience – skilled facilitators led us through a series of well-crafted experiential learning exercises where we navigated our own space using specialized equipment to help us to gain a better understanding with low vision, impaired hearing, and different mobility needs. This is an excellent program — I would recommend it to every business, organization and venue in Peterborough!”

Victoria Mohr-Blakeney, Performance Curator, Public Energy


“It was such a great workshop and I am going to recommend it to everyone. There was so much information that anyone and everyone could acquire from this workshop. It helps to build understanding, awareness, acceptance and appreciation for what people with disabilities face each and every day. This workshop is a great first step to creating a better community that strives for accessibility and inclusion.”

Amy Hart


“I have never experienced anything quite like this program and I was absolutely blown away by just how effective and honest it was.”

Elizabeth Lloyd, Educator


“An unforgettable opportunity for our students to gain new knowledge, behaviors, skills and values. We have been fortunate to have the TIMS program teach at our school the last two years and see growth in empathy and consideration for others within our learning community as a result.”

Julie Adams, Teacher and Amigos Facilitator, Kenner Intermediate



“A very engaging and enlightening experience, which imparted empathy towards all those who have to navigate the world that is definitely not as accessible as it needs to be. ”



Jeremiah Wade, Teacher, Otonabee Valley