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Our programs help bring awareness and understanding of disabilities to individuals and businesses as we empower people of all abilities to thrive within the Peterborough community.

*Please note: We have adapted all our programs and services to ensure the health and safety of the CPD community as we follow the advice of COVID-19 health experts.

Programs for Individuals

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Active Together

Active Together creates a space for people with disabilities to learn new hobbies and engage in activities in an inclusive, welcoming environment.

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Community Outreach Program

Supporting Peterborough’s disability community through one-on-one check-in calls.

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Programs for Businesses

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Time in My Shoes

An experiential accessibility awareness-program designed to bring greater understanding of accessibility and inclusion through a disability lens.

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Community Accessibility Evaluation Program (CAEP)

Evaluations for businesses from a cross-accessible viewpoint, ensuring facilities and services are accessible to all.

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Accessible Communications Evaluation (ACE)

Evaluating the cross-ability accessibility of websites and documents for organizations and businesses.

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Card and Equipment Labelling Service (CELS)

Through the use of braille or large print labels, you can ensure everyone can access the same information equally.

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