National Caregiver Appreciation Month

Sue McEwen

Image of Sue McEwen

Sue is the attendant and respite worker for sister’s Hayley and Brittany. Hayley, who lives with cerebral palsy and is a new mother, requires daily assistance with her tasks, appointments, and childcare. Hayley is not always confident in performing all the caregiving tasks her son requires but Sue’s patience, motherly presence and insight inspires Hayley that she can take care of her son. Sue is always encouraging her to be more independent and to advocate for herself.  

Every other weekend, Sue takes Brittany who lives with autism into her own home. This offers Brittany’s parents with a well-deserved break, so they can be energized throughout the week and give Brittany the best possible care. Sue provides Brittany with a wonderful safe space to grow and develop at her own pace and in a fun and engaging environment.

Sue is very outgoing and is always looking to have fun with those in her life. She is compassionate, understanding, and a great listener. These qualities contribute to her commitment to the younger generation as she works as an educational assistant. Sue is an inspiring and generous friend, and I am beyond happy to have her in my life.

Thank you Hayley, for recommending your great friend and attendant!