Dedication of City Ramp

On Friday morning, July 4, 2014, the city held a dedication ceremony for City Hall’s newest accessible ramp located in the northeast parking lot behind City Hall, providing barrier-free access into the building directly where the elevator is located.

A plaque resides at the top of the ramp on the wall near the building’s entrance stating that the accessible entrance is dedicated to the life achievements of Vali Ali, Len Collins and David Jackson, who were members of Peterborough Council for Persons with Disabilities (PCPD) and strong advocates for accessibility in our community.

Family members from all three honoured parties were in attendance and joined in a reception of cake and refreshments on City’s Hall’s front lawn after the ceremony.

Mayor Darryl Bennett, Council for Persons with Disabilities chairman John McNutt and accessibility advisory committee chairman Counsellor. Keith Riel each delivered a few words to the roughly 30 attendees.

While there is also an accessible ramp located at City Hall’s front entrance, Riel said he is pleased with the ramp in the rear location because it allows for vehicles and Handi-van’s to off load and pickup citizens and committee members with disabilities enabling them to access city hall and conduct their business.

Phyllis Hodder, accessibility co-ordinator for the city, said there was previously a ramp in that location but it was old and decrepit and needed to be updated.

The total cost of the pathway was $212,000. The budget was requested in 2011 with it being a part of 2012’s capital budget, which takes care of any physical renovations, said Hodder. “It’s the goal of the city to make City Hall as accessible as possible and all facilities for that matter,” she said.

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