Accessibility and Inclusion Network

The Accessibility and Inclusion Logo. The logo is represented by a stick-like figure of a person spelling out AIN with their body. The A located on left side has its left side curved towards the right. The A is also used to represent the an arm and side of the body of the stick figure. The N is located to the right side and has the left side of the N curved towards the left. The N also represents the other side of body and other arm.There is a lime green circle located above the right side of the A and the left side of the N. The circle represents the head and the space in between the A and the N represent the body. The bottom of the A and N are in a darker green which has a gradient fade into lime green as it moves upward toward the head of the stick figure. Below the logo it says “Accessibility and Inclusion Network” in the same dark green.

Building a community where we all can live, work, play and thrive.

The Accessibility and Inclusion Network is a network that seeks to increase accessibility and inclusion for persons with differing abilities in the Peterborough/Nogojiwanong region through a collaborative effort between The Council for Persons with Disabilities (CPD) and Heads Up for Inclusion (HUI)

Mission: Working together to create an accessible, inclusive community through meaningful participation and education.

Vision: A strong and inclusive community.

Brand Promise: Working together, and empowering others to create accessible communities where persons of all abilities have equitable opportunities. 

What do we do?
Through the collaboration, the Accessibility and Inclusion Network can serve and support the community more effectively through:

  • Increasing organizational capacity;
  • Broadening engagement and awareness in the community;
  • Maximizing impact by sharing expertise and resources;
  • Growing programming through cross-promotional opportunities; and,
  • Creating a path towards organizational and financial sustainability.

We can make a difference together
Through working together over the years in support of each other’s efforts, HUI and CPD identified several areas where their missions and goals intersect. After gaining feedback from the community, and after thoughtful consideration, it was decided that the two organizations would come together in a collaboration to enhance their ongoing efforts. Together, the collaboration seeks to uphold the principles of accessibility, diversity, equity, inclusion, kindness, and respect.

Get involved – Abilities and Inclusion Movement (AIM)

To conclude National Accessibility Week, the Accessibility and Inclusion Network hosts the Abilities and Inclusion Movement, which is an annual event that brings awareness to the need for inclusion and accessibility.

Launched in May 2019, AIM was created through the combined effort of Heads Up for Inclusion and Council for Persons with Disabilities in support of individuals of all abilities. The event encourages everyone from across our community to join us in a procession through downtown Peterborough, followed by a gathering with inclusive activities and a BBQ. Through this fun and engaging event, we are aiming Peterborough in the right direction and bringing our community together!

Be sure to check out other events happening throughout National Accessibility Week happening May 25th – 29th 2020.   


*Please note: With the latest guidelines and recommendations from public health officials regarding the ongoing COVID-19 virus the 2nd annual Abilities and Inclusion Movement scheduled for May 29th, 2020 will be canceled.