CPD is a non-profit, charitable organization

We strive to:

    • Increase Community Capacity
    • Communicate, Educate and Engage
    • Create Positive Change

CPD’s specific objectives:

  • To advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities.
  • To promote public awareness and understanding of the needs of persons with disabilities.
  • To encourage improved services which will allow persons with disabilities to live a full and productive life.
  • To facilitate access to services in all sectors of the community.
  • To liaise with all levels of government and agencies on policies and legislation affecting persons with disabilities.

Mission Statement

The Council for Persons with Disabilities exists to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by promoting equality, opportunity, and inclusion in the Peterborough region so that everyone can contribute and thrive.


A community where all people are able to live, learn, play and work equally.


We embrace equity, access, inclusion, diversity, choice, and respect.

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